JPL/Caltech Float Cam
2005 Rose Parade

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Photo Courtesy of Tom Mannion
The JPL/Caltech float was spectacular! In person and on TV, the float showcased beautifully and the view from the top was amazing.

If you missed our live web cast on January 1st we’re happy provide you with some sample footage, which was recorded from the float cam during the parade. We’ve also included some clips from the float test day, which was held on Saturday, November 20, 2004.

Click HERE to watch recorded footage from the JPL/Caltech float cam!

To view these streams you will need to download Real Player .  For help deciding which version of Real Player is best for your system, please see Caltech Today's streaming theater help page.  Real Player for viewing is available for free for Mac, PC, LINUX and UNIX users. The bandwidth will be a dual stream of 56K and 384K.

Enjoy the show!

Artistic Drawing of the 2005 Rose Parade JPL/Caltech Float